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Repost: Controversial outcome to Saturday's Elections

Controversial Outcome to Saturday’s Elections

One of the latest murals cropping up throughout Egypt showing support for a secular Egypt, Christians and Muslims: One Hope, One Pain
Saturday was the first “democratically-held” elections that Egypt has seen in a long time, if ever. Egyptians, at least 16 years of age with identification cards, went to local high schools to vote on constitutional referendums which included a quick presidential election to be held within six months.

Many voters said “no” to this proposal as it does not give enough time for opposition parties to organize their campaigns. However, Referendum Chairman Mohamed Attiya said that Egyptians voted more than three to one in favor of the amendments with 41% of eligible voters turning out.

I suppose the three-to-one ration includes a majority of people whom I do not know since everyone I spoke to voted no. My own poll: three-to-zero in favor of postponing presidential elections. In fact, I only heard of a friend of a friend that actually said yes. And now everyone is in a frenzy.

This video is one of many that went viral inspiring computer-savvy Egyptians to vote no while giving background as to why, and I think that there should be stock in the use of multi-media since that was proven to be the main backbone of the revolution.

And yet, the outcome came to a resounding "yes" followed by concerns of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Egypt's best organized political forces, the Muslim Brotherhood and members of the former ruling party, campaigned for passage,” according to NPR. So ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get your panties in a wad and get geared for another al-Qaeda/Hamas faction…

No. Not really.

For the 1000th time, why is so much stock being placed in the Muslim Brotherhood? The Muslim Brotherhood constitutes a very small percentage of Egypt. They had nothing to do with the revolution, only took part after it gained speed. The younger Egyptians called on the revolution and the younger Egyptians will NEVER support the Muslim Brotherhood.

NPR continued: “The Brotherhood, which has strongly campaigned for the adoption of the changes, advocates the installment of an Islamic government in Egypt. The ambivalence of its position on what role women and minority Christians play under their hoped-for Islamic government — like whether they could run for president or be judges — worry large segments of society.”

Oh for the love of God, STOP THE PRESS ON THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ALREADY!!! CAN’T YOU SEE IT ONLY SERVES AS A RECRUITMENT TOOL (as I blog about this – pot, kettle, black).

If the election outcome was rigged, it isn’t to back the Muslim Brotherhood. It is only to put the military at a greater advantage to install yet another military ruler. Don’t believe me, look at the history in Egypt and throughout Africa.

I was getting my hair done a few weeks ago and my hairdresser, Ahmed, began discussing the most viable presidential options as he saw it. He discussed the Muslim Brotherhood and said, “We will never let them control our country.” Ahmed is not a young Egyptian, but rather a mid-40 year-old from a poor area outside of Maadi.

Were the elections “free and fair”? I’m sure that isn’t the case, but it is an uneducated fool that would think such progress could be made overnight. However, it is hoped that with each new election, it will get better.

Who are most Egyptians gunning for? Ahmed said, “I don’t know who will be our president. I can’t say. I just hope that he leads with a good heart.”

Another message painted on a school wall with the Christian symbol (cross) and Muslim symbol (moon)


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