Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post-Revolutionary Artwork

The revolution in Egypt has had a long reaching impact on many individuals. But for me, one of the more profound aspects of the revolution has been the artwork that can be seen everywhere. From graffiti, to murals covering an entire wall, no matter where you travel in Egypt you are bound to see remnants of the past few months.

Below are a select few that I've seen.

Mr. Mubarak?

New "License Plates" being seen and sold around Egypt.
In case it's not clear, that does in fact say "January 25"

Everyone has to have their pic taken with the army at least once!

**All images copyright Susan Richards-Benson**

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  1. Beautiful pictures, congratulations on the blog.
    you know the Amazon in Brazil.
    here are some photos from my blog to beaches and restaurants in the forest: