Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just one click to help ESMA!

I've blogged many times about the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals. Many of you are sadly familiar with the situation of the animals in Egypt.

Cat Bless You is a non-profit organization based in Santa Monica. As they say on their facebook page, they are "dedicated to celebrating cats and the joy that they bring to our lives. To all the cat lovers out there - click 'like' and join our page!"

Cat Bless You has pledged that if their page reaches 25,000 fans by May 15th, they will donate 25,000 U.S. Dollars to ESMA in Egypt. This is of course tremendous news, all it takes is liking their page.

Together, we can easily reach 25,000. All it takes is sharing and liking. As they say in Egypt, "Yalla Bina!"
Just to make sure, here again is the link to their facebook page!! 

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