11.45 - State TV: Police station in Waraq broken into, weapons stolen by pro-Morsi protestors. 
11.42 - Protests erupt across El Fayoum, with all routes leading to the governorate having been closed off. Reports state that a Coptic organisation has been attacked in the area.
11.41 - Clashes at Raba'a Adaweya continue. Photo via @mosaaberizing:
11.36 - Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers to hold emergency meeting later today.
11.35 - Ministry of Health reports the deaths of 5 policemen.
11.34 - Al Haram Street closed in both directions at tunnel (Giza Square end) by pro-Morsi protestors.
11.30 - Pro-Morsi supporters gather rocks from Heliopolis/Nasr City tram line. Photo via @KFahim:
11.20 - MoI is said to have gathered intelligence that suggests Muslim Brotherhood leaders have called upon protestors to attack police stations across Cairo.
11.10 - Morsi supporters close Cairo Ring Road in several locations.
11.09 - State TV: Violent clashes between security forces and protestors on El Nasr Street.
11.07 - State TV: 6th October Bridge in Cairo completely closed.
11.00 - Pro-Morsi rally congregates at Al-Fath Mosque in Ramsis Square.
10.53 - Reports that church in Sohag has been set ablaze are true. Photo via @EgyptianStreets:
10.52 - Ministry of Aviation assures all flights in and out of Egypt operating as normal.
10.43 - Pro-Morsi alliance announces 20 marches across Cairo today.
10.36 - MoI reports 200 arrested at El Nahda clear-out.
10.32 - There are reports that Muslim Brotherhood leaders Safwat El Hegazi and Mohamed Beltagy are being surrounded by police forces in a residence near Raba'a Square.
10.22 - The Central Bank of Egypt has announced that banks will be closed at 12pm today.
10.17 - Video shows armed pro-Morsi protestors in Gamaet El Dewal Street, Mohandiseen.
10.15 - Tear gas fired in Raba'a as police forces close in on sit-ins. Photo via @SoltanLife:
10.12 - Churches in Sohag, Upper Egypt and Heliopolis, Cairo are said to have been attacked in retaliation to sit-in clear-outs.
10.05 - Live ammunition seized at El Nahda. Photo via @3mo_Shehab:
10.03 - Protests opposing the sit-in clear-outs have errupted in Suez and Alexandria.
9.58 - Tear gas is fired at Mostafa Mahmoud, forcing pro-Morsi demonstrators to extend their sit-in to Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz Street, Mohandiseen. Photo via @JGulhane:
9.43 - Ministry of Interior claims 5 dead and over 50 injured in sit-in clear-outs in Nahada and Raba'a Adaweya.
9.42 - Trains from Upper Egypt to Cairo have been stopped.
9.41 - El Nahada sit-ins regrouping at Mostafa Mahmoud Square, Mohandiseen.