Monday, March 28, 2011

ESMA Feeding Update

I've been really busy this past week, hence the hiatus! Have much to blog about.

ESMA has continued with the campaign to feed the horses, heading to Nazlat al-Samaan around the pyramids every week to hand out feed rations for one week. 

The most recent feeding from this past weekend saw ESMA volunteers hand out feed for 504 horses, alongside feeding some of the skinniest animals. Each feeding session sees more and more horses appear that have not been to the ESMA feeds before. Donations are crucial; ESMA is doing all they can to stay afloat but already have many cats and dogs in their shelters to take care of! Watch for a blog posting in the next few days on ESMA's adoption campaigns and what you can do to help. 

Some animals had never been to the ESMA feeds before

With more animals showing up that have previously never been seen at these feeds, two things become increasingly evident. Firstly, word of the feeding campaigns and the hard work ESMA volunteers are putting into everything have spread far and wide. Secondly, there is much yet to work on and many mouths to feed. Mona Khalil, co-founder of ESMA, estimates that it could take another six months of work to see any real change take effect in the pyramids area. Tourist are still scarce; although there are some locals who have returned to riding around the pyramids, the numbers are no where near enough to sustain the stable owners and their animals. 

Some of these thin animals showed up to the feeds with saddles on their backs. Without even enough strength to hold their heads up, these poor horses are expected to cart around their owners. Once the feeding campaigns have slowed down, ESMA faces the daunting challenge to increase education for stable owners. Only through education will these owners understand how to treat their animals, and that by treating them properly they will live longer and more industrious lives. 

ESMA is still in need of volunteers to help with the feeding programs. For more information, check out their facebook page here. Don't forget if you haven't already done so...Cat Bless You has pledged 25,000 $ to ESMA if they are able to reach 25,000 fans on their facebook. Check here to see what you can do!

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