Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Silent Victims

I have previously posted blogs about the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals and the great tasks that they take on in furthering animal rights in Egypt.

ESMA again has a monumental challenge facing them as the dust settles in post-revolution Egypt.

Multiple media reports have been aired about the human victims of the period of unrest in Egypt. Their sacrifice for freedom is a valiant one, which will not be forgotten lightly.

But what about the silent victims of the revolution, those who's voices have not been heard?

This is a call for help.A call to help the animals in Egypt currently suffering. Currently starving, and dying quietly as the rest of the country begins the arduous road to rebuilding itself.

With the drop in Egypt's tourism market, many stable owners living around the pyramids area have been faced with very grave decisions to make. Many of these stable owners rely on the tourism market as their primary source of income. No tourists equals no money to put bread on the table, let alone feed in a horse's or donkey's stall.

The result? Starvation.

Animals are lying dead in the street. Eyewitness reports note that horse carcasses are littering the entrance into the pyramids area. Hundreds more are struggling to survive, owners unable to feed them, left as skin and bones.

ESMA is appealing to anyone and everyone, both inside and outside of Egypt, to contribute in an attempt to put an end to this suffering. Their dedicated team of volunteers are themselves heading into the area around the pyramids to provide as much food and medical assistance to the suffering animals. Please find below the contact information for those based in Egypt. If you are outside of Egypt and want to do what you can in helping, you may message me through this blog and I will respond to you directly.

From everyone at ESMA, and all the animals, thank you for reading, and for opening your hearts.

As most of you have already heard, following the past 3 weeks of instability, we now have a very serious situation where the camels, donkeys, and horses in several areas are dying of hunger and lack of medical treatment. ESMA is raising funds through donations to feed and treat these poor animals itself, and we need all the financial help we can get! If you have not yet donated and can help out please do so, and forward this email to as many people as possible.

David Magdy, one of ESMA's active volunteers, will be in charge of collecting any donations for this cause. He can be reached by telephone on 0127844385. 

We also need physical help and not just financial! This week we will be going down to help as many of the critical cases as we possibly can in Nazlet El Seman - Haram, the stables on the ring Road, and the Giza Pyramid area, more information to come soon. We understand that lately things have been dangerous in regards to moving around the city, and we understand if you can't make it. However, things have calmed down a lot, and we need as many volunteers as possible to help with this tremendous effort! Please RSVP with me ASAP by replying to this email, or call me on 0105799777.

Horses starving in Giza

Their carcasses litter the streets :(  


  1. I am an AMERICAN, who has extensive work in shelters, euthanasia, and working with the public. I would love to come join the meeting of the minds and make this as modern as possible for the new eqypt. Are there any charter flights? Would an American be in grave danger?
    This is a battle I've been working on and with for the past 25 years. I think I could really help, training for humane euthanasia, animal behavioural sciences and education. Me email is (google service)

    Thank you and congrations! I love your country and it's unsurpassed beauty, let's make it even more beautiful for the voicless that live there!

  2. PS, I am also a phtographer, and could be glad to show the world the issues that need addressing. The world is yours Egypt!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful posts these past few weeks. Very insightful. I lived in Cairo 20 years ago, so it is brilliant to find blogs like yours. My only complaint is that they are dated by time only, not by date (as far as I can tell). All the very best!

  4. Crap, I'm blind AND thick. Just found the date. ;-)

  5. Thanks Leila for your comments. I'm glad to be able to help spread the word about what I've been witnessing here these past few weeks. Appreciate your kind words, and feel free to share.

  6. Hello Susan, this is a tragic story, and something not really being covered in the press outside of Egypt. I'm working as a journalist in Dublin, would you be interested in talking about this with me? As you know, Irish people feel very strongly about animals especially horses and I'm sure people would like to help.
    You can contact me through: niamhgriffinonline at g mail dot com

  7. Hi Suz how is it going i have read your article and i want as well to expose the whole thing everything the good ,the bad , if you need any help exposing that just let me know pictures or article am an auditor working as part time but ,really sad about what is going on here so let me try to share it with the whole planet
    Here is my E-mail

  8. Hi Islam,

    Thanks for your comment, please feel free to share any information you find here. There are two press releases we have prepared for this, the one targeting the horses you can find here:

    Thanks for reading!

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