Monday, February 21, 2011

ESMA update II

Below is the most recent report from ESMA on the situation of the horses, donkeys and camels in and around Cairo.

Although we are helping the situation greatly, there is still so much that needs to be done. For further information on how to donate, check here.

From everyone at ESMA, and our team of dedicated volunteers who are working tirelessly everyday to better the situation, thank you for your contributions thus far. We would not be able to do this without you!

**Note** This report details the visit of Dr. Luke Gamble. Upon returning home, Dr. Gamble arranged for two more vets from the World Veterinary Service to help out with the plight of animals in Egypt. They will head for the pyramids area tomorrow, after which I shall post updates with their visit here.**

Today ESMA was honored and very fortunate to have Dr. Luke Gamble of the World Veterinary Service (WVS) and host of Animal Planets "World Wide Vets", with us on site. Dr. Luke administered treatment for many horses, and gave advice on how to avoid certain injuries and medical conditions to the locals. Unfortunately Dr. Luke could not stay longer as he was flying out of Egypt, but it was an absolute privilege to see him at work.

While Dr. Luke and Beth Sartain were checking the animals and administering the treatment, we were also handing out rations from Mr. Hassan's stables (IEC) by the ring road. Later on we moved to Sondos stables in Nazlet El Seman, where hundreds of horses lined up to receive rations. We were able to hand out food for 2 days for approximately 300 horses, and still had to turn down many more waiting as we simply did not have enough!

Many of the horses are still emaciated, and it is more evident now that the rations are merely sustaining the horses and not helping them put weight back on. As we continued to hand out rations, we noticed 3 foals with their mothers, as well as several pregnant horses. These were given extra rations to ensure that they stay as healthy as possible.

Once more we were greeted very warmly by the locals, and received a lot of help from the stable and horse owners in the area, who collected ID cards for record, handed out the rations, and kept the crowd as organized as possible. Without their great contributions these feedings would be a lot more work and near impossible to handle. ESMA is greatful for all the help it has received from everyone to help the animals in crisis.

Our coming feed will be on the 20th of February 2011, thanks to a very generous donation from one ESMA supporter, who has provided us with enough food to sustain the animals for atleast 3 days. Everything will be documented and prepared for our coming report.

Thank you all for your support and god bless you.

Alaa Sharshar

Deputy Volunteer Coordinator - ESMA

Dr. Luke Gamble came out to assess the situation and lend a hand
Again many stable owners showed up
Horses marked with numbers to denote stables
Words cannot describe

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