More about Me

I'm a twenty-something woman living the fast paced life of Egypt. Having been here for over 5 years now, I have witnessed a country change internally, and in the process change me.

I love every minute of experiences in Egypt, and I am here to document them for you to see. Recording the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly truths of being an expat living in Egypt.

I hope that this blog can serve as a source of information for anyone considering moving to Egypt, visiting the country, or simply updating themselves on the daily occurrences that happen around the country.

I am passionate about animals, and will frequently post regarding animal welfare, cruelty, and ownership in Egypt. I also love cooking, so watch for a recipe or two thrown in there. :)

If you feel that anything presented in this blog is in any way erroneous, or if you have further information that you would like to see added, I welcome any and all criticism. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions and/or recommendations that you might have!

Thanks for reading!