Monday, February 7, 2011

A message for all Egyptians

I received this comment from a friend who requested anonymity, as they fear what the repercussions may be for voicing such an opinion. However, I find it to be a very honest and heartfelt commentary on the situation in Egypt at the moment - as such I have decided to post it here. This does not reflect my own personal opinion, this is provided here simply as food for thought; as a means of making people think what the impact of these past two weeks may really be...

"They" say they want a brighter future-fed up of living under a regime and oppression-now instead everyone is living in fear and uncertainty-watching their own kill each other in the street-viewed by the world -millions have been enraged,100's, maybe 1000's have been killed and injured- sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, mothers and sisters..

The economy and tourism have been destroyed..small businesses and livelihoods have closed. Shops and homes have been burnt down. Rare antiquities vandalised and broken forever.Your country is in pieces...

I am completely for freedom and equality and having your voice heard-but going about it in this way is not right. You have made your point and your voices have been heard- and things are changing.

You are demanding a democratic society while throwing stones at each other in the street. 9 days out of thirty years has seen more destruction and death than ever seen before. The poor are poorer..the hungry are hungrier..You are fighting for what?

One man has not done all this but the people on the streets, mis-informed and emotionally besieged by the media. Has 1 man made you pick up that rock and throw it...has he made you steal, has he made you go into the street and shoot people. has he made you repeatedly punch and kick someone for having a different opinion than you. Has 1 man ruined the future of 85 million and their families which is uncertain, in pieces and will take years to fix..

You demand that there is change and the regime ends- but do you know who or what may walk through your door and what they may bring with them?Look at your neighbors-how much more do you want? How much more do you need?  How much more could you lose?

I think its safe to say that 99% of Egyptians want safety, stability and security for their families- now what do they have? You need time to heal these deep deep wounds that have been gauged into the hearts of each and every person that loves Egypt.

Egypt will never be the same again-so... BRAVO A LYKY.

Before you go into the street again to throw stones and wave knives, swords and guns around- think..think about what you really want...and remember Egypt 10 days ago before these could have been better, but the door was closed to terrorists, prisoners were where they were supposed to be, shops were open..tourists and foreigners were here..people were smiling...

Please think- After everything that has happened- Do you really think that by 1 man leaving-and leaving right now,everything that has been broken in 10 days can be fixed?

Let the wounds heal and come back together are all you have right now.

A salam a lekum ya masr.

Peace be with you Egypt. xx

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