Sunday, September 26, 2010

Suz's Tip of the Week

Ok, here's a tip that anyone will appreciate.

Having a problem with rusty pipes or car engines? Grime around the bathroom tub and toilet? You've tried everything short of replacing each part individually, yet you cannot get rid of that orange dust. So what can you do?

Not like sitting there drinking a coke will help, but if your pour that stuff all over your engine, toilet, bath, whatever, you'll notice grime and rust disappear. Think about that for a second, something that you may imbibe on a weekly / daily basis, has the ability to strip rust off of a car engine. Mmmm. That's good drinking!

Also, if you have clogged drains, and are too cheap to buy Draino, or cannot find an equivalent in your country (such as Egypt), Coke will also do the trick there :D

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