Friday, September 17, 2010

Not my nose!

Wow this last week has been hectic. With the Eid holidays and everybody getting back into the swing of things after the end of Ramadan, people are on the go what seems like constantly.

Last weekend Karim and I spent a night out in Gouna. It was awesome, Gouna really is a beautiful place.

However, with it being Eid and everything, there were of course a load of people on holiday. The Egyptian version of girls from MTV's show "The Hills," basically having more money than they know what to do with. From these girls, I heard the following, which had me in tears laughing. (You can't make this stuff up!!!)

I walk into the girls bathroom, and there is a girl leaning towards the mirror, fussing over her nose. She had obviously just banged her nose on something, and was frantically trying to see if there was anything wrong. She says (I kid you not); "uch, I swear I hope my nose is ok. If it's not, I'm just going to make my parents buy me a new one."

LOL! How could I NOT share that little bit of excess, Egyptian style. :D

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