Saturday, October 9, 2010

Warning to Maadi Dog Owners

I know there are a fair number of people reading this blog who have dogs, and even more who know dog owners and / or love dogs themselves :)

Anyone who has been through Maadi is familiar with the long loping streets, bountiful trees, between which you will usually find one or two dogs slumbering away.  As a dog lover myself, I would quite frequently show these strays some positive affection, although after having had it drilled in me for years by my step-father, wouldn't feed them. I find the problem with stray dogs in Cairo, and Egypt in general, so very sad. Dogs dumped into the streets because owners cannot handle them, irresponsible people who refuse to get their pet neutered because of misguided information and as a result only further contribute to the problem. These street dogs are victims of human ignorance, and indeed, human arrogance.

When I'm out with Orien, I can't stand street dogs. I won't lie, I have thought on a number of occasion how nice it would be to be able to walk my dog through the streets, without fear of being attacked by the strays. I can't hate them for it though; when I'm out and about without Orien, they are as sweet and friendly as you can imagine. Who can blame a dog for being a dog!

When I heard today about the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, about whom I have previously blogged, announcement that the streets in Maadi have been filled with poison, I had to share it. I have seen friends lose their own dogs to this poison thrown into the streets, it is not something to be taken lightly. How many dog owners could honestly say that their dog does not occasionally stop and pick stuff up off of the streets?

When dogs are poisoned, it is not a humane death. More disturbing about this news of poison being thrown down, is that is has been sanctioned by a vet!!! The person meant to protect the health of your animals, is actively seeking to kill dogs (and cats) in a grotesque manner! Granted that the street dogs in Maadi are a problem, why try and resolve the situation with something that is A) Inhumane - which might I add would mean that under Islamic standards is Haram, animals are never meant to suffer before they die; and B) Puts family dogs at risk! Taking into consideration that a great deal of this poison has been placed in Maadi Digla, an area populated by expat families and their dogs, it is prudent that you take extreme care with your dogs.

For the time being, exercise caution. ESMA has even recommended that you go as far as muzzle your dog when out walking, just to be on the safe side!!

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