Thursday, September 9, 2010

Suz's Tip of the Week

Ok...I know, another girly tip.

Boys, not that there are many that actually read this ( :p) bear with me.

To get rid of nasty, horrible foot pain as a result of women's need to dress to impress, soak your feet in vodka.

That's right, plain old vodka. After a night on the town, in those new heels that you just had to wear, yet wonder where your common sense was, throw your feet into a tub of vodka.

Note: It is your own personal choice if you choose to consume the vodka after soaking your feet. :p


  1. i dunno if i would be willing to waste all that vodka...consuming it would make the pain go away as well :p

  2. haha. It's too true. should just get wasted, walk on the sore feet more! yay! ;)

  3. You really make me smile with your simple but sensible post. I'll just drink the vodka and it will also make the pain go away.