Thursday, September 23, 2010

Save the four dolphins!

I felt it would be pertinent to post an update to my blog from earlier today, as really, that was just a repost :p

I've been researching into this whole shenanigans since I first read this story this morning, and the real truth of the matter actually makes me sick to my stomach.

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I've been working with creating a magazine in the Hurghada area. No biggie right? Well...turns out, one of our primary advertisers is most likely the party involved in this dolphin cruelty. What's worse? I just had a conversation with the guy about two weeks ago, where he was so excited that the dolphins were finally here from Japan, that the Dolphin show would open in November as planned. If only I knew what kind of conditions they would be living in. I will leave out specific names for now, until I can in fact verify that they are involved with and aware of the conditions the dolphins are being kept in.

The Red Sea is at our backyard, and if this Dolphin show is planning on keeping the dolphin's in natural environments in their final home, why in the WORLD put them in a backyard swimming pool. Why not invest in the help of HEPCA and construct a temporary marine home for them? Oh that's right, because that would mean more money. And as anyone who has done business in Egypt will tell you, (and sadly this holds true for the rest of the world), whatever shortcuts that can be taken to save a few extra dollars, will be taken. The lives of these dolphins are at risk because of a capitalistic ideology of saving money and exploiting our natural resources, without even thinking twice of the consequences. I'm sure these people won't be laughing if their dolphins die before they can make it to the "show."

And what is it exactly that they are going to be doing? Circus tricks, a'la jumping through hoops. Although originally marketed as a way of people being able to swim with dolphins, after a little poking and prodding you will find that this is not really the case. The dolphins will be a party favour for people who want to watch some of the most majestic animals in the world diving through hoops. Why, when the Red Sea is right there, not go and see them in their natural environment? Or if you must insist on going to these shows, at least support the ones that treat their animals humanely!

Picture this, a 5 metre by 5 metre room. Probably the average size of your bedroom. Now picture 2 male dolphins, and 2 female dolphins, bearing in mind that most adult dolphins range between 2 - 4 metres in length, and anywhere from 150 - 600 kg in weight. Four of these adult dolphins, in one small enclosure, you can only imagine how cramped it must actually feel. To top it off, the "filtration system" on the pool is "broken," meaning, these four dolphins are literally swimming in a bedroom sized shit hole, surrounded by their own excrement and God knows what else.

Worse still, is that I had the conversation with this guy over two weeks ago, and the dolphins aren't expected to be moved for another few weeks. Meaning they have been living in this outrageous environment for over half a month, with no end in sight as of yet. It truly, truly saddens me.

Unfortunately, there is little that we can actually do short of raising our voices and getting the awareness out there. I encourage anyone and everyone to do what they can to get these dolphin's stories out there. Don't let more of God's beautiful creations die at the hands of reckless human abuse and behaviour.

And where is HEPCA in all of this?Urging people to avoid spreading rumours, which I highly advocate. However, short of that, their solution is to just "sit tight," and hope for the best, stating that there is "little that can be done for these animals now." Great. I highly doubt, if these animals' quarantine were handled in the appropriate fashion, that this would have become an issue. Regardless, here is HEPCA's news page that promises to keep updates on the welfare of these dolphins.

Sign the petition here, it's the least we can do, as part of doing out bit to preserve these wonderful animals and the life that they should be living.

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My original post and the story taken from The Sun can be found here.

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  1. Egypt is now supporting the notorious Slaughter of Dolphins that takes place every year in Taiji Japan. Four Dolphins have came in and others will follow. The Red Sea and other sites all over Egypt are protected and yet they allow this cruel import . Shame on CITES Egypt ( Double Standards to say the least )!