Sunday, June 23, 2013

Evacuation Orders

It's been an absolutely manic month for me and I have been so inundated that I jsut haven't had the time to post. But there is so much going on in Egypt at the moment that it almost seems a disservice to have not updated! I have a few posts raring to go, but in the meantime re-posted from Simply LeAnne, find below just one article on the upcoming mass demonstrations planned in Egypt for the 30th of this month.

In order to avoid spending costly amounts of funds on evacuating employees, many foreign companies in Egypt are forcing their staff to take summer holidays early. Some foreigners have received orders to book their trip out of the country prior to June 28 as rallies will begin that day with June 30 scheduled to be the largest gathering.

Demonstrations are planned throughout Cairo, including Maadi. I was invited to the Facebook page, June 30 in Maadi. The event was created on June 16 and thus far, does not seem to be productive in narrowing down an exact meeting time and place. It continues to be a brainstorming session without a clear leader or plan – much like the elections that saw the liberals dispersed into various directions instead of a united front.

One poster did say, “Hey guys, we should also think about security and how are we going to control security inspections. We do not want anybody to disturb us with weapons… Knives… etc.” He followed up by saying that Maadi police officers should handle this situation “out of uniform.”

One of my friends posted:

Dear all, I like your sense of patriotism and wanting to go to Tahrir or Etihadeya, however, think about that:
1- Are you willing to face some MB militias?
2- Are you up for a fight? tossing stones and all?
3- Can you see injuries and do not panic? Help?
4-Are you willing to pass through ( Dar el salam, Masr al Adeeme..etc?)
5- Will you STAY there for 4 days?

If you answer no to any of the above, then Maadi is a better option, you will be closer to home, safe, and you will definitely be heard! P.s. the event is called JUNE 30 IN MAADI :)

If you plan on going, just remember the video I posted regarding the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters and their thoughts on Ethiopia. Diplomacy was not even an afterthought. These people, who echo the voices of those that will be protesting in favor of the MB-led government, immediately began throwing out suggestions that consisted of arming rebels. They have no regard for anyone that opposes their view point, including their own countrymen and women.

The question remains: can liberals finally unite under one voice instead of millions of individual screams?

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