Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Egypt gears up for the 30th

Most blogs are awash with impending news of the June 30th protests; theories and suppositions on which way the anticipated planned "second revolution" will turn the tide in Egypt.

It seems the paranoia is spreading to the highest levels of governance in Egypt, with the military rolling out military patrols through the capital Cairo, in alleged anticipation of violence following President Morsi's planned speech for later on today.

The photo below comes from the facebook page Egyptian Streets, one of many pages on the social media site that are rallying people for the 30th and providing updates and snippets of information on planned demonstrations and the government's subsequent response. Sitting watching this from afar, I have to wonder if this will end up like many of the other planned mass protests in Egypt, lots of smoke, one day of rage, and then things settle again. But in speaking to people on the ground there, I've been told that the Revolution from the 25th of January will look like a "warm-up" in comparison to what's coming.

K is in between the Red Sea and Cairo and will be providing updates and videos / photos over the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Until then, here's the recent update on military movement in the capital from Egyptian Streets.

Military vehicles and personnel have been popping up all over Egypt in anticipation of violence following President Morsi's speech scheduled for later today and in preparation of nationwide protests planned on June 28 and 30.

In Suez, the Military has deployed armoured vehicles and military commanders have met with local community leaders. 

In the Gharbiya governorate, military checkpoints havebeen installed and a military commander at the scene stated that this is to ensure the security of the state's institutions. Army helicopters were also witnessed flying over the cities of Tanta and Mahalla.

In Egypt's second largest city, Alexandria, Military forces have expanded onto the city's streets, taking over the city's security. Video (link at the end of this) shows Military trucks arriving in the city carrying armoured vehicles.

In Cairo, armoured vehicles were seen in several areas (including on October 6 Bridge as seen in the photograph above), and the Military has started raising barricades at the Itihadeya Presidential Palace in the Korba district. Streets surrounding the Presidential palace have been shut, but it is not yet clear whether the Military will install barbed wire and concrete blocks as it had done during Anti-Morsi protests in December.

Overall, there appears to be a sense of emergency and insecurity across Egypt, and many Egyptians feel that violence is bound to break out and are bracing for another 'revolution'. The U.S. embassy has also decided to close in anticipation of violence.

Video - Military vehicles in Alexandria:

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