Sunday, June 2, 2013

And in Today's Ridiculous News

In today's ridiculous news from Egypt comes this gem of a story. In reading through it, and having been to Giftun multiple times myself, I wonder if perhaps the navy got it confused with the skantilly clad bikini "vixens" that will crawl on all fours in the surf with their aspiring-photog friend snapping shots in search of that illustrious model perfect shot. I know I've seen a few that could border on pornography. ;)

Authorities detain tourists for allegedly shooting porn films


Sun, 02/06/2013 - 13:56
Naval forces in the city of Hurghada, in the governorate of the Red Sea, arrested on Saturday 10 Georgian tourists who were allegedly shooting pornographic movies off the coast near Giftun Island.
A navy patrol alerted the Tourism Police of the incident so that they could proceed to investigate. The police seized the tourists' equipment, while the suspects were transferred to the port of Hurghada for questioning.
A security source said that the tourists arrived in Hurghada a few days ago and took a boat from the resort at which they were staying.
Local media reports said that the tourists were released shortly after the prosecution of Hurghada interrogated them over charges of filming pornographic films near Giftun Island.
The Prosecution’s investigation showed that the camera contained non-pornographic pictures and video clips. The tourists were handed back their cameras and dismissed.

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  1. its not so rediculous.. maybe they deleted it before they caught lol but more than likely..just a bunch of.. ****** lol