Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where to Go - Kams

This week's Where to Go segment is ideal for gamers, board-gamers that is.

I am an avid fan of a decent board gaming night. Anything from Scrabble, to Pictionary, to games like Cluedo. My family tells me this is a habit picked up from my mum, who has always been known as the "gamer" in group environments. Why not, I have to ask. There's nothing quite like a good game of Pictionary to liven up the atmosphere.

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In Egypt the problem is finding decent games; in Hurghada this task is rendered almost impossible. Sure, there are a scattering of stores around the Hadaba area that have one or two games, but these are almost always knock offs. We recently invested in Onu, not to be confused with the trademarked Uno. =P.

When you are lucky enough to run into Metro on a day that they are carrying board games (not surprisingly they always seem to pop up right around Christmas), expect to pay an arm and a leg. I have seen Metro offering Monopoly for 500 LE (almost 100 U.S. dollars) because it was "imported." Right.

K and I decided to run to Senzo Mall not too long ago, and entered Kams. I was pleasantly surprised :) Along with the knock off board games (of which we unfortunately purchased a Scrabble...then promptly returned), they have imported games well within reasonable prices. I don't think 300 LE is extortionate for a Pictionary board, and we were able to walk away with a French Scrabble for 150 LE. Very reasonable.

Alongside board games, they have Ravensburger puzzles. I saw small puzzles perfect for children, and puzzles up to 2000 pieces ideal for a rainy day. Like we ever have those in Hurghada haha! They also have models for construction, although I did find these to be quite expensive. This of course along with all the other games they have inside.

So for this week's Where to Go, get a group of friends together and go have some fun! 

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