Monday, September 5, 2011

Where to Go - Granada

I've decided to add a new segment to the blog, "Where to Go." I plan to update this once weekly, with new spots around Hurghada, restaurants, clubs, sports, the likes. Hopefully you will enjoy it! Now that I'm back from Eid, there's so much I feel I have to update on!

Today, I will begin with posting for the new segment, specifically, a review on the restaurant Granada.

Granada from the front 

Granada is located just after Sunrise Hotel on Sheraton Street. I would pass this restaurant many times before actually stopping. From the outside it is a beautiful looking restaurant, and although every time I would see it I'd remind myself "oh I have to eat there," it was not until last month that we finally decided to reserve a table. And wow was it worth it! 

View from our table.  

Granada's location allows for beautiful views of the Red Sea and Giftun Island right in front of you. Plan for a sunset dinner time, and you can eat while watching the rays bouncing off the emerald waters in front of you, and the cool sea breeze blowing in through the open air seating area.

Granada's seating area is open to the sea breeze

For its location and appearance, Granada is very reasonably priced. A full meal for two adults will not run much more than 100 LE, assuming you are not also ordering beers. Even then, I doubt it would go over 200 LE (less than 35 $)!

Alfredo Pasta. It was delicious! 
Their menu boasts an assortment of various foods, and their portions are enormous. Our first visit, we were expecting the portions to be "average" for Egypt, which can be quite small on certain dishes, particularly salads and pasta dishes. We ordered what we expected to be a small pasta for a starter, and I had the Caesar salad for my main course. Many who have had "Caesar" salads in restaurants throughout Egypt can attest: sometimes what is passed off as Caesar salad is really no more than a few small chunks of chicken on lettuce, and a watered down mayonnaise dressing on top. Blech! At Granada this was not the case; my salad was enormous, and I definitely had more than a fair share of chicken. And the dressing? Most certainly worthy of Caesar.

K's burger

My burger
Our second outing we ordered the burgers. Granada offers a wide variety of foods and beverages, ranging from traditional Egyptian grilled items, to "American-style" items, to pizzas/pastas and seafood dishes. Again my burger was enormous, and for being less than 50 LE for the whole thing, you cannot beat those prices.

Granada's service is also great; their waitstaff are friendly and prompt, and by our second visit the manager was out shaking our hands and asking how the meal was.

My only complaint would be the Ultimate Karaoke style music that was playing, but that is worthy of a blog in its own right.

View from our table on our second visit. Did I mention the great view?  

Overall, I would give Granada an 8.5 out of 10. Reason being, we had problems with flies as a result of the time of day, so I would suggest that Granada invest in some citronella candles, because there's nothing like swatting flies away from your dinner! Other than that, I really cannot find any fault with the place.

To make reservations, contact 011-842-8073

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