Monday, July 11, 2011

Round two...Fight!

I'm starting to think that Hurghada's Ministry of Water Resources secretly plants testosterone into all water coming through the city. I cannot find another rational excuse for this debauchery. 

From what I was able to gather - the owner of the Mercedes pictured was absolutely furious that our street had been dug up again. (to be fair, it is dug up on average once a month - you would think that after the first time they'd check what other pipes have to be laid, and do it all at once. Unfortunately, such logic evades Hurghada engineers).

His reaction was anger, and in my humble opinion, brash arrogance and immaturity. I saw no need for him to start cursing at the construction workers; evidently karma agreed, and this was the end result. Might I add, that my bowab Mohammed is in green, and obviously still sore from his encounter the other night. As you can see in the video, at the first sign of trouble he hightails on out of there. Good for you Mohammed! 

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