Sunday, July 31, 2011

Diary of a Traveller, part 2

I should have updated this yesterday, but things have been a little hectic here!

So I arrived in Norway, albeit 12 hours later than I should have, but at least I made it. We've had two days of glorious sunshine for the Norwegians, and I'm watching now as the dark thunderheads are rolling in, hoping for a cracking storm!

My flight from Cairo went seamlessly, minus a delay. When I inquired as to what this delay was caused by, I was told that Greek air traffic control were striking (how unusual, Greeks on strike :p) and as a result the airplane had to be routed around Greek airspace on its way into Cairo.

A landscape of clouds
This re-routing caused an hours delay in the plane arriving in Cairo, subsequently delaying us for an hour. This 60 minute delay caused over 50 % of the passengers on my flight to be stranded in Amsterdam, me included among them. Seriously, I think I'm a cursed traveller! At first I dreaded that it was going to end up like the delays I had with Air France, and was expecting hours of waiting time in Amsterdam.

Thankfully however, KLM handled the delay flawlessly. Upon entering the Terminal, we were directed exactly where we needed to go to get our new boarding passes. KLM had already re-booked everyone who had missed their connections onto new flights. In addition, they had already arranged to put us up into hotels for the night. I had my new boarding pass, food vouchers, and directions on where to get my hotel reservation within ten minutes. Nothing like the nightmare I had with Air France last year!

Check-in desk at the hotel. I thought this was brilliant!
Once I got my hotel, I was given a welcome drink and one free hour of wi-fi usage. Unfortunately for me, my computer did not want to recognise the site they had given us, so the wi-fi was of no use to me. I was also given 5 minutes of free calling time, but being the genius that I am, I'd forgotten to jot down the number of my Dad who was meant to be picking me up. :-| Instead I was calling the US, and K back in Egypt, to try and get someone to get in touch with my sister to let her know about the delay. Once I arrived in Norway, I learned that they had both been at the airport the night before waiting for my plane. Ooops :-S

So unlike my previous delays in flying, and my recommendation to never fly Air France, I would eagerly recommend KLM for anyone, including the weary traveller.

More updates on my Norwegian adventures to follow!

Patchwork quilt that is Amsterdam from the air. This was
taken at 9 pm at night!

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