Saturday, July 2, 2011

Auction for the Animals

Horses are one of my passions. I love riding, I love being with them, I love their majesty, basically everything about them. This is one of the reasons that the ongoing crisis with the horses in Cairo breaks my heart in so many ways. But at the end of every tunnel there is light. The continuing horse feeds with ESMA have managed to revive animals close to death, and although there is a long ways to go, the road seems less tiring with the multitude of support and generosity that has poured in.

The continued horse feeds are now watched with anticipation around the world. Indeed, there are two stories of human generosity and the unimaginable will to survive of a horse. Prince Fluffy Karim (PFK) and Na3na3 (which means "mint" in Arabic) are names notorious with the ESMA horse feeds. Rescued by one selfless student, Na3Na3 and PFK were in some of the worst conditions that the horse feeds have yet to see. Marte, the student, had to do something, and immediately set wheels in motion. She bought Na3Na3 and PFK over a 4 week period, and has tirelessly worked to getting both of them healthy, and happy, again.
Prince Fluffy Karim on the day that he was rescued
Na3Na3 on the day she was rescued, not even
enough energy to stand

Marte has not been alone. Facebook has generated a phenomenal amount of support for these two horses, and the buck does not stop here! The next big event for PFK and Na3Na3 is one that we can all participate in; an auction for the animals. All proceeds will go towards ESMA and the horse feeds, in the hopes that perhaps we can ease the burden of life for more animals than just PFK and Na3Na3. Here's how:

ESMA, who we raise awareness for, have only enough funds for ONE more feed. Ramadan is nearly here and because of fasting no one will hand out feed for four weeks – meaning our horses will die of hunger. We are holding an online auction, where team members donate an item for sale with the full sale proceeds going to ESMA. and I am asking all of you to help.


Take a picture of an item you wish to DONATE (clean/working order please, if not new)

  • Write a concise description of it.

  • Find out the postage cost to post within your country and tell us what country you are in.

  • Find out the postage cost for overseas. (other side of the world)

  • Send this information with a photo to      (Colin Ball is admin for this)

When the auction goes live, if you would like to bid on other peoples donated items, look through the items in the album on PFK’s face book site and to bid just use the comments box underneath and type the amount you wish to
bid. I.e., …..I bid £2.50 …..This will continue, possibly with others out bidding you, until the date and time arrives for the auction to end.

Colin will email who has won the winning bid with instructions on how to pay, we have set up a special account within Colin’s own on-line shop for this – you can only bid if you have Paypal, please do not bid if you cannot use Paypal.
Once you have paid you will be put in touch by email with the seller of your item and between you decide how you send the postage money to them, Paypal, Chq, Postal Order etc. Once they receive your postage money they will
send you the item.

My suggestion therefore is smaller items that you maybe bought and never used but will suit someone else a treat. It’s for a fantastic cause and I hope lots of you join in. Other charities do this al lot and its good fun and very helpful for the charity. Quite frankly this is the horses’ only hope at the moment so PLEASE help. I try not to ask directly for money on the site because I think the site is about more than that, we are a family but we do need your best foot forward right now TK’s.

 As you can see we are all working on a huge amount of trust, so please behave in a genuine and honest manner if participating in the auction. We can only put you in touch with each other the rest is up to you.

Thank you Teamsters

Come on guys, I know that you have at least one or two things lying around your house that you look at and think "hmm, I should really donate that," or "Why did I never use this?" And all you have to do is take a picture. That's it!!! Come the end of the Auction you will find out who has purchased your item, et voila! The expression "one man's junk is another man's treasure" couldn't be more true in this case. And who knows, maybe you'll uncover some treasure of your own in this auction!

For more information or to learn more about the heroic stories of Na3na3 and PFK, visit their facebook page.

Prince Fluffy Karim and Na3Na3 say thank you!


  1. OH my god, they look so happy and beautiful!!! Bless you people as ESMA who care for these animals....I donated back in the Spring for food for the horses! It's so disgusting what people do to these animals!!!

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  3. I have got a new listing in Tiba Resort from £8,140