Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update on the Lion fight!

My last post about the idiotic lion fighter was a re-post from al-Masri al-Yawm. I was shocked by the reaction that most people gave this article; they found it very humerous, particularly the part where he claims that his next stint will be pulling a "plane by his teeth."

This update is for everyone who thought that the original article was so "funny." This is to show you the reality of how "funny" this situation really was.

I can thankfully report that the Egyptian authorities stepped in and put a stop to the fight, although they have not arrested the culprit, nor have they confiscated the lion.

Al-Sayed al-Essawy is no longer an unknown name in Egypt. For some, he is the symbol of an "Egyptian hero." For others, he is the symbol of how much work is still needed in Egypt to protect the innocent lives of animals and help ensure that animal cruelty will no longer be accepted and practiced throughout the country.

Al-Essawy claimed that his lion fight was intended to bring back tourism to Egypt, and spark international attention back onto the Egyptian Arena. Well, mission accomplished in many ways. People around the world stood up in protest to what was being allowed to happen. A lion, who would knowingly be drugged, was to be fought in a cage to the death, all in an effort to A) Bring tourism back to Egypt, and B) demonstrate the Israeli oppression of the Middle East (How, I'm not exactly sure - other than him promising to drape the dead lion with an Israeli flag, this is really just more hoopla to get more people talking about him).
He planned to drape the Israeli flag over the lion's body

I was so happy to read last night that the Egyptian authorities put a stop to the lion fight. I was not happy however, when the details surrounding it were leaked. 

Pictured below is one of the lions Al-Essawy was intending to fight. You can see that not only is the lion already injured (above his eye), he has clearly been sedated. Reports surfaced that Al-Essawy and his cronies ensured that four days prior to the match the lion was unable to sleep. Here you see the "man" and the "beast," or really, the shadow of the beast. 

Bear in mind when Al-Assawy was first proclaiming that he would fight the lion, he promised to do so bare handed. In the picture above it is not only evident that he is NOT bare handed, he is in fact carrying: A spear, a shield, and a dagger in the sheath on his side. 

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism openly declared his condemnation of the expected fight, yet authorities continued to bleat feebly that they were unsure of where the lion fight would take place. Interestingly enough, in the actual location of the fight were many journalists and members of the press, but no army or police personnel unless they were plain clothed. 
And he thinks himself a "man"

Although I am happy that the fight was stopped, I am saddened by the fact that Al-Assawy was not detained, nor was the lion confiscated. Why? There were no "vets on hand nor was CITES present" and Al-Assawy escaped to an unknown location. 

So answer me this...If you really condemned the fight, then why show up to "stop" it without any vets or experts on big cats? Was it really a surprise that there were lions present? I suppose one step at a time. At least the fight was stopped (15 minutes after it started) but yes...focus on the positive. Dear Egypt, please let this serve as a reminder that barbaric cruelty will not help revive the tourism industry. If anything, it is increasing international pressure for the relevant authorities to finally enact some animal cruelty legislation. 

The Born Free Foundation is now also involved in the case, and are trying to uncover the whereabouts of the lion to take it into safe custody. I shall continue to update here as I learn more about the details. 

If you want to let your disgust with this situation be known, below are some relevant emails that you can send your complaints and comments to:


  1. Thanks for the emails man, you are a hero I watched this thing on tv today and there was condemnation of it I was sickened by it

  2. we know how useless all governments are or those who get paid and have a well paid job for time usually don't care because they never get fired! if their job security is on the line of fire, maybe things will get better not only for the lion in the pic, other lions , all animals and lastly ( not least) the people!!

  3. First if this piece of shit can take me then he can move on, I'll give my life that even if I don't live he will never be able to act, or think like this!!WTF is wrong with these people he should be in the cage and rot rot!!

  4. i will never visit egypt again, nor recommend the country to anyone. I am shocked & appauled by the lack of basic respect for animals. Lions are beautiful, magnificent animals & to see a 'man' fight one is disgusting, wrong in every way. i hope & pray the 'man' responsible will find his last moments on earth alone, distressed, hurt & scared, to an audience of clapping hands & cheering.

  5. There is enormous outrage on facebook. The hypocrisy is mindblowing....Roar for the asiatic lion (fb)