Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Desert Storm

Summer heat = summer weather. Which in the desert usually means very very hot, and very very dry. On the rare occasions that the heavens do actually open over the desert, the result can be some cracking storms.

**side note, it turns out that in old Egyptian folklore, rain meant that the gateways to the seven heavens were temporarily open, and each raindrop would grant you one wish - Just a nice bit of trivia for you **

These pics were snapped about 100 km outside of Hurghada, where you are literally miles away from anyone. It was amazing to drive in to; on one side was blazing sunshine, the other side dark thunderheads. The next thing you know, you're being pelted by mad rain, and watching as the few people around scramble to figure out what to do with themselves. (Have I mentioned that rain appears to be the only thing that slows Egyptian drivers down?) 

Anyhow, I thought these were beautiful shots, so decided to share! 

Dark clouds on the horizon

Driving right into the storm (and empty, empty roads!)

Sunny one second, rain the next!

The sun still fighting to get through


  1. Hey, I'm sorry, this might seem weird. I'm a 15-year old Dutch girl, Kyra. I have to make a presentation about Egypt for school, and I have to interview someone who lives there. Would it be okay if I asked you some questions about Egypt and your life there?

  2. Hey Kyra, thanks for your comment.

    Sure I'd be glad to help you, you can find above the "contact me" page, and you can send me a direct email with any and all questions you have!!