Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soi Dog Foundation needs your help!

As any supporter of an NGO will tell you, networking and commitment are key to its survival. With the NGOs that I myself have worked with, it has always been a team of dedicated staff members and volunteers who together will work their utmost to ensure that tangible goals are reached, and real results achieved. This crosses borders; be it human rights, animal rights, development, etc.

In Egypt there are literally hundreds of NGOs working, many of which rely primarily on volunteers and donations to survive. The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals is one such case; less than 4 months ago a campaign was launched on the social networking page Facebook to raise 25,000 U.S. Dollars for ESMA by "liking" a facebook page.

Countless re-posts by volunteers later, and ESMA did it. Through commitment and tireless efforts, ESMA has secured 25,000 U.S. Now they are joining the fight to save another animal rights group, this time based in Thailand.

Susie Nasser (co-founder of ESMA) sent out an email blast alerting members that the Soi Foundation are in risk of losing their leased land in Thailand on which their shelter is based. They are in desperate need for help.

The Soi Foundation essentially mirrors ESMA's work in Thailand. They work tirelessly to help save animals left abandoned, beaten, neglected, and ignored.
Humphrey, one of the many cases
helped by the Soi Foundation

I went to check out their webpage, and saw some positive news. Similar to the situation with ESMA, the Soi Foundation has been pledged a considerable sum of money, only this time it comes from one of their own benefactors.

"A long time benefactor of Soi Dog has generously offered to match your donation dollar for dollar up to $66,000 (46,000 Euros). What this means is that your donation is doubled! You can help the animals like Pearl & Humphrey through your matching donation towards this goal."

So please, consider making a donation towards the Soi Foundation. We've already proven in Egypt that by working together we CAN make a difference. Let's show Thailand what that really means.

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