Friday, February 18, 2011

Lets Clean up Hurghada!

Today marks one week since Mubarak stepped down. All over the country, Egyptians are out en-masse to show their spirit and pride. In Cairo, thousands, if not millions, gathered in Tahrir square in celebration.

In Hurghada, locals gathered to help clean up the streets. In what has become a week-long campaign, day one saw volunteers from all walks of life taking to the main touristic strip, Sheraton Road. I'll post a blog detailing my experiences later, but for now, I wanted to leave you with a video of what I saw today. Absolutely amazing to watch people really come together. Finally, Hurghada came out to show that we do care about making a difference!

Look the next few days for my post with details on today's clean up job, and when the next outing will be. Come on Hurghada, let's show the world that we can all make a difference, and Egypt today is a happier and brighter Egypt than anyone has ever previously seen!!!

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