Sunday, February 27, 2011

ESMA work animal update

 Below is the most recent update from ESMA on the status of the work animals in Egypt.

Today at Nazelt El Seman, we had the largest turn up of horses and horse owners since we started the feed program. We had what seemed to be approximately 600-700 horses lined up infront of Sondos stables, where we usually distribute the feed from.

As this number is much larger than what we were used to in the past feeds (usually 300 horses on average), things were a little harder to control, but we managed eventually to distribute all the feed with no incidents thanks to the help of our local contacts.

We managed to feed a total of 404 horses for 4 days (the largest amount of feed distributed since we started distribution). We had many new horses and locals come for the first time, as the word is starting to spread that we are committed to coming in regularly and providing the feed.

We have made a modification to one of our methods of distribution in order to become more efficient. Instead of allowing horse owners that have previously received from us to receive feed with just their ID's, we are now insisting that all horse owners come with their horses. We are marking the horses that have received feed, and by doing this, we are avoiding that a horse owner receiving feed with an ID, is having another person receiving more feed with his horses that the food was intended for.

Our coming feed will be on the 25th of February, starting 11 AM at Sondos stables. Pictures and updates to come soon.

Alaa Sharshar
Deputy Volunteer Coordinator - ESMA 

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