Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Left speechless

Some would tell you that I have become obsessive since the protests began. (cough cough). I can't help myself, I find it so grossly fascinating to be watching history literally unfolding in front of your eyes. I am actually shocked that the growing effects of these protests are not being felt throughout more of the country. Or even more of the capital!

That aside, I know quite a few people who have participated in the protests in the past two days. I have been vigorously keeping updated, in as many means as possible, with the ongoings downtown. Sometimes it's no more than a brief status update. Other times it has been to repost the accounts of others.

I value the impact of research, and the impact of educating yourself with what is going on around the world. Access to websites in Egypt is intermittent at the moment, with Twitter having been entirely blocked. This in contrast to statements from the Interior Ministry, who claim they have not blocked any sites, and encourage freedom of expression. It cannot be refuted however that many people have experienced temporary disabling of social networking sites, google, e-mail, some even report having lost access to their Skype.

I was left speechless earlier, when asked by people if I could kindly stop posting updates and links, because it was only "worsening" the situation as people from abroad were cancelling their travels and tour leaders were taking Egypt off of the roster. Firstly, it's an individual right to choose not to travel somewhere that you feel uncertain about. Secondly, the media blackouts only serve to limit the real truth escaping, that is that people are standing up in protest and being beaten down for it.

If people in Egypt were to choose to stop protesting because it may potentially limit the income from tourists, isn't that only further exacerbating the problem? Isn't one of the main reasons Egypt is having so many problems at the moment precisely because people would rather line their pockets with money than deal with the harsh reality! Rather than deal with the issues, let's everyone STOP protesting so that I can continue making money from tourists, and living in my 5 star villa. What do I care if some people cannot afford to eat "mayish mushkela." There's just no way to respond to something like that. 


  1. I agree with your sentiments, it is attitudes like this that have continued to eat away at the society. However, what should be noted and I haven't done it on my blog yet, is the fact that people were allowed to gain such numbers for protests. The government did know about it beforehand, it wasn't a secret. Could you imagine Libyans trying to protest Qaddafi with only a 5th of Egypt's total demonstrators yesterday? There would've been more than just three people reportedly killed. I do think that needs to be highlighted.

    Back to the topic at hand, this person represents the same basic attitude found in many here: selfish and inconsiderate.

  2. I agree LeAnne. It is an amazing thing that people have been able to actually get out and demonstrate. It hasn't exactly been made easy for them, but it hasn't been made as difficult as it could be either.

    It is well worth noting that these demonstrations are being allowed to happen. Even more so if Friday pans out the way people are hoping it will.

  3. You might like to know that, in Norway, the tourist office is saying go ahead with your holiday! The normal tourist areas are unaffected

  4. Guess who anon fra Norge is??!!

  5. Are you a Nissaman anon fra Norge?