Thursday, January 20, 2011

The fresh air you are breathing

The fresh air you think you are breathing, may not in fact be as fresh as you had once imagined.

Some people will call me a kook for even looking into things like this. Other people will immediately dismiss is as bogus and whacked out conspiracy theories. Still more will pass it off as something that they themselves cannot understand, so why waste the time looking into it.

I am happy that as "far out" as my looking into this matter may be, at least I am looking in to the possibilities of some of the very scary, and very real things that are going on around us. Most of the time without us even knowing, or just brushing it off as something that "will inevitably end up being good for us."

Global warming, or as it is now known in PC terms "Climate Change," has been on the top of the agenda for many political rallies and governmental objectives for the past few years. Global summits, world wide focus, billions of dollars being funnelled into organisations that are actively striving to do something about our ever changing climate. Greener lifestyles, low-emission cars, restrictions on fishing and gaming, the list is endless. Who would ever consider disagreeing with such a noble cause? We grew up in this world with its natural beauty around us, shouldn't our children be afforded the same right?

There are many in the upper echelons of control that certainly appear to believe so. To the point where they are literally adapting the role of "God" and attempting to tamper with our very weather system itself. How many of you have seen the trails of smoke/condensation coming out of the back of planes as they fly overhead. I remember when I was younger I would enjoy seeing these planes fly by and watching as the trails of condensation would slowly dissipate into nothingness, joining the cloud coverage around them.

This is no longer the reality of today. Many will be quick to tell you that the trails are still remnants of condensation, despite the fact they linger from horizon to horizon. Or that rather than dissipate, they spread out. What IS coming out of the back of planes as they fly over cities and towns of today?

Grassroots campaigns are known to be the very essence of change, once they grip and begin to grow. I urge and encourage everyone and anyone who reads this blog to not take my "babbling" for it, and to really look into this new phenomenon of "chemtrails." I'll provide the link and original story that piqued my interest in this phenomena. We still hold in our hands the power to actively call to change this. I don't know about you, but I for one do not want to be inhaling toxic levels of heavy metal. Shouldn't it be within our rights to say we do NOT want to be inhaling this crap?

So here you are, the links that may very well change how you look at the skies above you, and the extreme levels to which people are going to prevent "climate change" around us.

What in the world are they spraying?

And the ensuing film to accompany it:

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  1. Absolutely the air we are breathing is not as fresh as it should be and charity begins at home therefore it is a duty and necessity to make the air in the house clean and healthy.