Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things that make you go "WTF?!"

This morning I settle in to work, and get ready for the long day ahead. As per the usual routine, browsing the news and checking my email is always one of the first things to do. I'm glad I did this morning!

Check out this article, posted on the Huffingtonpost. Seems that Egypt is quite popular in the news at the moment, first with the bus shooting yesterday, and now this. Only thing I can say, is if there is a cow with two heads born, then there must be a Blinky living in the Nile. lolol.

(AP) CAIRO -- A farmer in northern Egypt says his cow has given birth to a two-headed calf that he calls a "divine miracle."

Sobhy el-Ganzoury said Saturday it took two hours and much pulling to deliver the rare calf. He said the difficult birth has weakened the calf's legs.

El-Ganzoury said the veterinarian informed him that the calf, which was born this week, is now in stable condition and is expected to survive. He said he intends to keep the animal as a reminder that "God is able to do anything."

The calf still can't stand up because of its heavy heads and weak legs, and is being fed her mother's milk with a baby bottle.


  1. I wonder do they feed both mouths or just one...

  2. Do you think if they fed only one, the other one would cry?