Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where to Go: Dog Beaches

Considering that we live in a coastal resort, it's amazingly difficult to actually find a beach where you can take your dog. Fortunately here is a list of a few places that will allow you to bring your dog to the beach so your furry friend can enjoy some beach time. Some of these locations may require you to pay 20 LE to get on, others if you speak to the bowab or security guy will usually be happy to let you use them.

  • In front of Granada Restaurant on the Kornish Road. Many dog-owners will take their dogs here, some are often off the lead and not well behaved but it is a very dog friendly beach. However take care that your dog doesn't eat anything, there have been reports of poison in the area before. 
  • Past the Sunrise Hotel, where the new Mahmya area is under construction. To the side is an open beach that the security guards will allow you access to. Nice area, if your dog is a swimmer it's also a decent swimming location
  • Past El-Gouna if you have a car, there is a marina area with miles of open beach and nothing around. You'll have to climb over one of the gas pipes, but it's a great area to take a dog that loves to run and stretch its legs. 
  • Before El Gouna, there is a large free beach, just sometimes the Egyptian do barbeque there but at all it´s empty
  •  Near Hilton plaza where the Queen Isis glass boat is.

Have fun with your best friend and enjoy the benefits of living on the coast :) 

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