Friday, February 22, 2013

Morsi's Newest Target - Space!

Only in Egypt can ingenuity like this see the light of day. Frustrated with the increasingly Islamist rule of Mohammed Morsi, Egyptians have decided to pursue a safer avenue to dispose of their new president.

Sending him into Space.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rather than face potential prosecution, jail time, or random disappearances, an initiative launched by the April 6th Youth Movement which is rapidly gaining speed thanks to the wonders of social media, is to send Morsi into space.

Morsi has rapidly moved up the voting ladder, and as of the time of publishing this blog, ranks first with a growing number of votes currently sitting at 16,354.

The "Space Campaign" is sponsored by the Axe Apollo Space Academy, which states it is seeking "A few brave civilians for the opportunity of a lifetime - a trip to space. And yes, we mean actual space."

The reason given for Morsi's attempt to enter space [as seen in photo], is how "successfully he has done his job, and how he must now rule the moon and after that Mars for the coming 56734 years."

You've got my vote Morsi. 

I love this, it just smacks of Egyptian irony, humor, and the lengths that people will go to "get rid" of their president. Do you think Morsi has gotten the hint yet?

If you want to cast your vote to let Mr. Morsi win this great honour (I'm trying to say that with a straight face) then please click here for additional information. 

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