Thursday, January 24, 2013

Egypt on a Precipice

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary since the January 25th Revolution, which resulted in the overthrow of Mubarak's regime and the installation of "real" democracy in Egypt (or at least that's what  many would have you believe).

The Revolution has been a great success, if you happen to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or at least a supporter of an Islamic regime. Western observers look on and say "This is democracy, Egypt has to find it's way." I agree, to an extent, as Egyptians never really had a fair start to begin with.

The anger that preceded the 2011 Revolution is again bubbling back up to the surface. Tomorrow is set to be a day of massive demonstrations throughout the country. Some have already started protesting in the past few days, most notably the group known as the "Ultras," famous for their involvement in the Football Riots of 2012 in Port Said. Many who have closely followed the developing Egyptian democracy have warned that should the Ultras threaten to arm themselves, it may push Egypt over the precipice it is so precariously dangling on.

The Ultras anger is ebbed on by the pending announcement on the 26th of January, where the verdict on the football riots, or the case known as the "Port Said Massacre" will be announced. Among their demands are that the 70+ deaths be included in lists of the martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution. The group themselves consider the current regime and the SCAF of being responsible for inciting the deaths, and want to see justice served. (For more read here)

As we draw closer to the 25th, headlines are dominated by the actions already being carried out by the Ultras and demonstrators. Between blocking roads and bringing traffic to a standstill in Cairo, causing a halt in the metro services, and ripping down the wall in Kasr al-Aini street, it seems tomorrow may be an interesting day for all, and may end up being the straw that breaks the camels back, again.

In addition to calls made by the Ultras, the liberal party Revolution Youth Union announced that the 25th of January would be a "revolution not a celebration," adding: "Mubarak's rule is not different from the military rule or the rule of the Supreme Guide (leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is said to be the real president of the country). As they all ruled Egypt according to their personal interested amid more disasters, negligence and bloodshed of Egyptian youth."

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