Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunset on a Lonely Beach

And again delving into the mysteries of teenage angst, another poem I penned on 10-10-99.

Sunset on a Lonely Beach 
With the soothing of waves, 
And rustling of wind. 
With the disappearance of heartached days, 
And the worries of a lifetime. 
Secluded among the minions
Of a heartless person. 
Pink tinted seas, 
Powdered skies, 
Swirl around, mingling into one
Caressing gently, the toes of an Angel, 
Silently moving the wings, 
As if prepared for flight, 
The heart soars free. 
Carried on the whispering winds, 
To uncharted domain. 
White horses run, but 
Never escaping he binding force
Of powers so great, 
And unimaginable to ignorant. 
Only those with the heart of the wild, 
And Spirit of Freedom, possess
The power of escaping, 
Cold and inhumane people. 
No consideration, to the 
Hearts of those damaged. 
It continues an unending cycle, 
Of vicious deceit, and webs of lies. 
Only to be tangled in, 
By those claiming innocence. 

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