Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Revelations on the Inner Side

A poem I wrote back in the days of teenage angst that I recently uncovered again, and feel is worth publishing!

In the Autumn leaves fall, 
But in the Spring they grow. 
A rejuvenating call, 
Omitted by the fawn to the roe, 
Is a reminder of the miracle, 
We were born into.

Were we to jeopardise this, 
Our lives would crumble. 
No more eternal bliss, 
Our steps falter as we stumble. 
Is this world we create,
Clouded by shadows? 

There is one binding force, 
Which keeps us on the road. 
An ever changing course, 
A way no one has showed. 
It is a tie strong as steel, 
But vulnerable as wool. 

As sure as the snow in Africa, 
As definite as the sun's warmth. 
Now is not getting darker, 
No longer headed North. 
The bond to keep us going, 
Is the bond of true love. 

A fruit of the Spirit, 
A gift to those who receive. 
Eternal feelings of merit, 

No reason to grieve. 
It is true love for which I seek, 

Yet may have found in you. 

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