Friday, November 30, 2012

Only in Egypt

In another edition of Only in Egypt, this photo today comes from Tahrir Square's protest. In an attempt to combat sexual harassment and civil unrest in the square, a group calling themselves "Tahrir Bodyguards," have been created.  Using Social Media to bring together volunteers, today they decided to go one step further to create an observation post to gain a better birds-eye view of Tahrir.

I guess engineering and safety standards when it comes to construction are not at the top of their list. But at least the observer is wearing a reflective yellow safety jacket!

Tahrir Bodyguards have a Twitter account, @tahrirbodyguards, but due to continued problems with the account being suspended by Twitter, they have also created a Facebook page. Good luck everyone in Tahrir today. Despite my jest, Tahrir Bodyguards - I hope you make a difference! 

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