Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where to Go - Squash

Living in a beach-side resort, it's only  natural that most of the athletic activities will be water related. There's a wide array of water sports to choose from in Hurghada, be it kite surfing, water skiing, wind surfing, the list goes on. But for people that are looking for more of a 'land-based' sporting action, it's fairly limited to the local football pitches or the occasional tennis court. K and I were craving something more, and decided to explore some other sporting activities available in the area. (Watch for a future blog when we venture to the local "Olympic Venue" and see what they have to offer)
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Many hotels will boast on their websites that they offer a wide variety of sports. The Mercure claims to offer Fencing, yet when you phone the reception, the receptionist is wildly bemused by what you are exactly looking for. Seems I'll actually have to head over there one of these days and check it out.

The Hurghada Marriott however, does offer some land based sporting action, from tennis to squash. You have the option of choosing to play with a coach or to simply reserve the court for yourself. Equipment can be provided, or you can bring your own for a reduction in the overall cost.

We had an absolute blast. You're able to book the courts in advance, and can take anywhere from a 30 minute slot, to a one or two hour work out. Better still, when you're finished sweating it out on the courts, the Marriott gym offers steam rooms, saunas, and even spa treatments if you really want to splurge.

If this sounds like something that's up your sporting alley, get in touch with the Marriott reception who will patch you through to the gym where you can make your booking! One hour is 30 LE for a court, plus 6 LE per racket that you'll need to take. Bargain! Phone number to contact is: +20-65-344-6950.

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