Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caution: Dog Owners in Hurghada

Sadly this is a posting that never seems to just go away. My friend just phoned me in a frantic panic, as one of her friend's dogs has apparently ingested poison in the area of Toscana and The View in Hurghada.

It's my biggest fear, Orien eating something on the street that he shouldn't. Fortunately for pet owners there are things that you can watch out for in such situations. Make sure first and foremost that you never allow your animals to eat anything off the street. The poison is most commonly put into meat and then placed in BLACK PLASTIC BAGS. Keep an eye out for this. Time is going to be your only ally to have a chance to save your animal if they have ingested poison.

I've previously written a blog on this, but feel it is pertinent to re-post it here for fear of further poisonings in the Hurghada area. For anyone in Cairo reading this, I still want to add to the list of vets in the country that will rapidly respond to any cases of poisonings, so please send me any info that I can add to it.

So here's the link to the posting, What to do if your dog / cat ingests poison


  1. I had two of my dogs poisoned on the same night, 3 yrs ago, i.e. 16th Sept, I think about both of them every day. We have two dogs again now, a baladi (looks german shepherd) and a pedigree lulu, given to us as a present, as the lovely Muslim family were told to get rid of him as father did not want him around anymore. The children heard we had lost our lulu and gave him to us. We love them both very much, and kiera my baladi dog did get a touch of poison about 18 months ago, but I was fortunate enough to get her to Monique Carrerra (who she came from) and things were good. Be prepared folks though, if a dog gets through this you may have 8 weeks of incontinence. I did 54 walks in one week, and my husband was away in Aswan as his sister was very ill.

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