Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where to Go - Hurghada "Home Made" Bakery

Baking is one of my favourite hobbies as I find that nothing helps to unwind your mind more than the simple process of combining one ingredient after the next, all in an orderly fashion, to end up with a delicious treat. But as anyone living in Egypt who is also a baker can tell you, finding the right ingredients is nigh on impossible. Accordingly, finding decent bakeries and pastries is also impossible, particularly in Hurghada. Unless you are looking for sweets dripping in honey, the chances of you finding quality home-made baked goods are slim. That is until Hurghada "Home-Made" Bakery arrived on the scene. 

Started by Anca Rusu who shares a passion for baking, the premise was simple; why not fill the demand for quality baked goods that are straight out of the home-made oven. She started small, learning as she went along and Hurghada "Home-Made" has blossomed with a growing customer base and offering real works of  art to tickle your tastebuds. When asked what the inspiration behind everything was, Anca says she never thought she'd end up making cakes. She started out baking for her family and the motivation to continue just arose, leading her to where she is today. 

Items on offer through Hurghada "Home-Made" Bakery include Anca's legendary cheesecakes with customized toppings, decadent fruit tarts, biscuits and sweets for children and children's parties, and of course her now-infamous birthday cakes. 

Anca's cheesecakes have proven to be a hot
seller. The choice of toppings just adds
fuel to the fire!

Anca offers a wide variety of
biscuits for children.

Not to mention seasonal cupcakes such as
these Easter delights.

And finally, Anca's very own edible artwork
in the form of birthday cakes. Yum!

So if you're looking for a cake for that special someone or have a children's birthday party you need goodies for, get in touch with Hurghada "Home-Made" Bakery at 01145103333 or check out their facebook page.

Bon appetit!

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