Sunday, July 22, 2012

Help Rescue Animals in Egypt's Zoos

Zoos around the world draw criticism from animal activists on a regular basis. Most argue it is wrong and inhumane to keep an animal locked up in a cage for the duration of its life when it is meant to be born free. Biologists and zoologists will counter with the incredible opportunities to study animals that zoos provide, not to mention being able to save certain species from extinction with zoo breeding programs. But zoos in Egypt are of a different breed.

I've previously blogged about my experiences at the Giza Zoo, but a recent push to draw the world's attention to the plight of zoo animals in Egypt is resulting in an explosion of online activists clamoring for something to be done. A facebook page set up on July 13, Help Rescue Animals In Egypt Zoos, already has over 1,600 members and counting. The social networking skills of activists are hard at work.

Images featured on the page are more than shocking. Photographic evidence from a number of zoos throughout the country depict starving lions and tigers, animals being used as no more than photo props, camels with tumors being worked, dead animals left in enclosures, and many having no access to water.

Even more heartbreaking are the so-called vets running up the facilities. Fayoum Zoo is managed by a vet who graduated from the Cairo University Faculty of Veterinary Science, yet the images show a zoo that takes no consideration for animal rights or treatment whatsoever.

Wolves in Fayoum Zoo.

Alexandria Zoo is no better, but I feel that I cannot write enough to describe the situation. I'll allow the photos to speak for themselves. I can only hope that this lioness has since passed on and is no longer suffering.

Starving Lionness in Alexandria Zoo. 
The road to Alexandria is also notorious for the lion house, where you can pay a fee to have your pictures taken with lions and lion cubs. The lions are prodded and poked with long iron rods to prompt them to roar to please the crowd.

Kafr el-Sheikh zoo is home to this poor camel.

As well as this beautiful tigress. This is how she is fed, and visitors have to first pay the guard to witness this. Note how thin she is.

Kafr el-Sheikh Zoo.

Note the long metal rod, and the obvious fear
in what should be a proud lion.
Kafr el-Sheikh Zoo.

So what can you do to help? First and foremost, use the Internet as your best tool to spread awareness about this issue. Dina Zulfikar, renowned animal activist has provided this e-mail to send to anyone and everyone who might be able to help, not to mention the following e-mail addresses of people in Egypt who should have the authority to do something about this. Dr. Ossama Selim at:,,; Mostafa Hussein GOVS at: 

Dear Military General and Doctor Osama Selim
Chairperson of GOVS

We have been reporting and complaining since long. We have evidences and pictures of All governmental zoos , managed by Central Zoos Director. We kindly demand: dismissing current Central Zoos Director, reforming, either we (Egypt) can provide care, or, we shut down the zoos if we cannot care for animals in captivity.

We have started a worldwide campaign to try to put an end to this. Please support us.
The animals are starving and dying in the seven governmental zoos of Egypt and they need YOUR help!

The animals in the zoos of Egypt are in dire need of medical attention and proper care, and the Egyptian activists need our help to put pressure on the authorities that turn a blind eye.

We must put international pressure on them to save these animals. 

Here's how YOU can help:

Please watch the pictures at the link and share this page with as many as you can:

Sign the petition here:

Leave a comment about the shameful treatment of animals in the governmental zoos of Egypt at the Facebook-page of Egypt's president, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, here:

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Egypt the ONCE land of the Pharoahs. where Lions were held in look how they treat them...

**All images above courtesy of the Help Rescue Animals in Egypt Zoos**


  1. I came across this post once through a Google search for this zoo once I saw a picture of the lion on Facebook. Thank you for posting the information above. I was able to sign the petition and share the information. You rock.

  2. Thanks Anon, please share as far and as widely as possible! The more attention we draw to this cause, the more likely we will be able to actually effect real change.

  3. Unfortunately it appears that this page has been deleted from Facebook!!

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