Monday, June 11, 2012

The Foreign Spy Element Part II

In following up with yesterdays blog The Foreign Spy Element, below is the YouTube video of the ad that ran on the Egyptian State TV channels. The ad has allegedly been pulled from the air, with rumours abound of it being edited to make it more foreigner friendly.

Considering the concentration of foreigners in Cairo itself, this ad presents a great many worries of increasing xenophobia. Although it is meant to be targeting foreign journalists specifically, for a country that is already looking to place the blame on any foreign elements and invisible hands it is highly doubtful that any distinctions will be made.

Blogger Zeinobia expressed beliefs on her blog that this ad may be setting the stage for the impending media clamp down that may occur if Ahmed Shafiq is elected to the presidency and he proceeds to crush the ongoing protests and Muslim Brotherhood movements. She fears the implications that spreading such hate messages could have on human rights in the country.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is the advert. Beware any foreign elements, or those that ask you "REALLY" before rapidly typing into their cell phones. For non-Arabic speakers, the ad discusses a reported conspiracy against the military junta, and the slogan that flashes across the screen says "Every word has a price; a word can save a nation." Propaganda at its best.

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