Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where to Go - Bargout

This edition of Where to Go is a chocolate lovers paradise.

As many who read my blog know, I'm a baking enthusiast (no really?! :-0) One of my dreams has been to learn how to make fondant, but there was always an elusive ingredient in the form of sugar glycerin. Fortunately, a friend of mine here runs the Hurghada "Home Made" Bakery, and I noticed her using fondant. I immediately had to ask where she was getting the stuff to make the goodies with.

Bargout is located in Dahar, about 500 metres past the Post Office, and has virtually everything you could hope to find for baking. For a country that consumes so many baked goods, finding the ingredients is nigh on impossible!!

Oh, and did I forget to mention this:

Yes ... that is all chocolate! 

A veritable smorgasbord sure to satisfy even the pickiest chocolate eater. 

Among the goodies you'll be able to find here are sugar glycerin, glucose, baking powder, food colourings, food essences (just on display was banana, pineapple, strawberry, orange, coconut...and the girl working has stock-loads more in the back), and more.

So the next time you are looking for that elusive ingredient in the supermarkets in Hurghada, be sure to check out Bargout where you're almost certain to find it! 


  1. Whoa! That is some chocolate selection!

    A quick question: Have you heard of any place that sells fresh yeast? I am in Cairo and have had no success here.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hey Stacy, no I don't know anywhere around here that sells fresh yeast, but there is packets of yeast available that I've used in bread and works just fine. They are usually next to the baking powder packets, but another option is you can ask your local bakery if they use fresh yeast and where they get it from. :)

  3. Thank you! I do have dried yeast. I will ask at my local bakery for the fresh stuff.

    I appreciate your response!


  4. Hi I have searched and searched for Bargout but can not find it. Please can you give me some more details directions i.e. which shop is it next to? Which post office please there are two in Dahar?

  5. Thanks for your comment Zoe. It's the post office in Dahar that's on the main street through the area (the dual carriageway). Bargout is on the same side of the road as the post-office. If you've got the direction of the Red Sea Hospital behind you, and the post office on the right, go about 500 metres further and you'll find it on the corner x

  6. Hi, if I'm coming from nasr city, what directions would I give my taxi driver? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Anon, this is in Hurghada, not Cairo :)