Monday, April 9, 2012

Farewell old friend

Today, I dealt with the harsh reality of rescuing animals. Today, I said goodbye to an old friend.

Latifa was the one of a kind, only you can love, horse. She was spirited, she was stubborn. She had her days where riding was glory, she had her days you wondered why you bothered. But at the end of each and every day, I loved her.

When our paths crossed, we saved each other. Her from a life of racing the hard streets of Cairo, me from learning to leave the past behind and have the courage to start again. She gave me that courage. There was solace in knowing at the end of a long day, she would always be there with her head hanging over the edge of her box, knickering to go out into the desert and lose our heads for a few hours.

I have always carried guilt with me for leaving her behind in Cairo when I left. If I could go back now and change it, I would. Unfortunately our paths only move forward.

When I saw her photo at a local feed day, I immediately set about saving her. This morning I thought the battle was over. This morning, she was found.

If we had saved you Latifa, I would tell you I'm sorry. I'm sorry you were left alone, left as one of the forgotten horses of Cairo. I am sorry the light in your eyes dimmed and went out. I am sorry you crossed over the rainbow bridge without knowing the touch of a kind hand again.

Rest well, old friend. I will forever carry you in my heart, and walk away with the knowledge that your suffering is finally at an end. I wish I had been a few hours earlier.

Your passing was not in vain. Your passing serves as a reminder to me to at least provide a life free of suffering for those we can still help. Run free and happy on the lush grasses, where one day we will again run together. 

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