Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years!

2011 was a year that not many will ever forget. Unless you were living in a bunker, you were probably impacted by natural disasters, extreme weather patterns, political upheaval, economic crises, riots, revolutions, and more. It's not surprising that many people are looking to 2012 to be a better year; how can it not be?

I don't like to make New Years Resolutions having learned in the past that often I'll stick to them for a week or two, then they'll simply fall by the wayside. Instead, what I do love doing is reflecting on the past year and highlighting important lessons that I have learned. What better way to show where I am in life than remembering what has happened in the past year to bring me here. So, here is my learning list of 2011 :)

I have learned....

....that March 2011 will forever be the month that I took a big leap forward, and told the man in my life that "yes" I do want to spend the rest of my life with him. Next plans :D

....that family are the most important foundation a woman can have. Family keeps you grounded, they tell you things you don't always want to hear, but need to hear. Trust your family.

....that if you cannot stand up for yourself, don't expect anyone else to do it for you.

....that small acts of kindness can change someone's day, but continued acts of seemingly selfless kindness will lead people to take advantage of you. (tiny resolution? won't allow people to see me as a doormat anymore!)

....that the most humbling experience ever has nothing to do with being human at all. Watching the recovery of an animal on the verge of death, fighting to regain their strength and trusting human companionship all over again simply cannot be described in a few words.

....that the most stressful times in our lives often reap the biggest rewards.

....that having a solid partner by your side makes every day worthwhile, even if there are days where we want to rip each other's throats out ;)

....that taking the time to sit back and reflect during times that are busiest is one sure fire way to guarantee you will not burn out.

....that good writing is a skill, great writing is an art. Art cannot be rushed. I have a few pieces from the past year that I regret rushing through. But hindsight gives us 20 / 20.

....that you will never get anything if you do not ask.

....that finding the smallest things in life to bring you positivity will make you a happier person.

....that dwelling only sucks you deeper into a downward spiral.

....that there are some people in life you just have to learn to let go of.

....that negativity will not leave you, you must leave it.

....that one or two great friends, are better than 10 'so-so' friends.

....that every woman needs her support group. I'm lucky to have found mine in a wonderful group of women I'll affectionately refer to as my "BPers"

....that sometimes you can instantly bond with an animal, and know that you will be able to foster a great partnership together.

....that there's no such thing as "not enough time." If you don't have enough time, it means your time management needs working on!

....that going to the gym is one of the best mood boosters ever.

....that there's no quick fix to weight loss. The age old saying "watch what you eat and work out" has been around as long as it has for a reason!

....that taking the time to really get to know your loved ones on a more intimate level is the most rewarding feeling.

....that rescuing horses takes not only a hell of a lot of time, it takes mountains of patience and willingness to learn.

....that today I know only a fraction of what I will know tomorrow, that I should never turn away an option to further my knowledge and understanding.

....that saying "No," to work only sends signals that you don't want to work. Find something you love working in, and saying "YES" becomes easy.

....that worrying about money is exhausting, and at the end of the day not worth it. As my mum says, "money comes and money goes." Don't let financial worries consume you.

....that a penny saved is a penny earned.

....that spending time watching Orien brings an instant smile to my face.

....that there really is such a thing as spending too much time online.

....that it's easy to get sucked into the cyber world and have it swallow your reality. It's important to remember that living through your computer screen is not living. So with that being said, I'm off to meet Chili, so thanks for get off your computer and GO AND LIVE!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2012 everyone. I hope this year brings you all the happiness, joy and success that you wish it to. If you wish it, it will be. 

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