Sunday, August 7, 2011

End the San Bernabe Slaughterhouse

I was sent this page by a fellow animal rights activist, and although it is not in Egypt, the stories and images that I saw were so heartbreaking I have to share.

I have often thought that signing petitions was a useless endeavour, and would simply sign my name without any real belief that something would come of it. Two things have recently changed my mind about that: Number one, a petition and campaign that was launched against a show currently being aired here during Ramadan (details will follow in a later blog). Number 2, animal activists who have been actively involved in the Taiji dolphins will know that the power of petitions, combined with their stunning documentary "The Cove", has brought the dolphin plight to the forefront of global media. 

Any horse lover will be devastated to see the pictures on this site. **WARNING, GRAPHIC PICTURES** Any animal lover will be pushed to sign this petition

Let me give you a brief background. San Bernabe is a well known slaughterhouse in Mexico and has been in operation for the past 70 years. Here you will frequently see not only horses, but mules, donkeys, cattle, and other assorted wildlife on display and being used and abused. The story detailed on the link above talks of a horse that was forced to walk on a broken foot (and seeing the image, it is very evidently broken), to be led off to its death. Another incident talks of a pregnant mare forced to jump down from a 1 metre ramp, subsequently landing on her knees with a resonant crack, and left there to perish. Don't even get me started on the brutal way that these animals are slaughtered. I don't know if "bashed over the head with a hammer", and "humane" can even be used in the same paragraph, let alone sentence!

Animal rights campaigners have long been trying to put an end to this slaughterhouse. It is about time that we harness the power of the global communications tool that is the Internet, and spread the stories of these horses far and wide. 

There is hope, that if we garner enough attention and pressure, that the Mexican authorities will have no choice but to shut down this slaughterhouse in the face of international condemnation. 

Animals deserve compassion and rights too. Who are we to knowingly, to even willingly, impose such suffering. Please, sign and share. 

For more information on the San Bernabe slaughterhouse, see the following references: 

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