Thursday, May 5, 2011

Was celebrating Bin Laden's death wrong, politically incorrect?

I was sent this by a close source who has requested anonymity. It certainly makes you wonder how "civilized" a people can be considered, when they revel in the death of one person. Regardless of who that person was, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

I am glad bin Laden is dead. The world is a vastly better, safer place with him no longer in it. There is certainly a sense of relief, but I don't take any more joy in his death than I would a rabid animal. It needed to be done and it got taken care of. Well done to Team 6!

That being said, when I saw the pictures of the kids out celebrating his death:

it immediately brought to mind these pictures that were taken in the aftermath of 9/11:

Enough said......but it will not be the
End of the Story.


  1. I hear you!! I understand a sense of relief and I even understand happiness that they finally found him... but why is nobody asking why they didn't capture a supposedly unarmed man alive? Would that have sent a better message? And it would have prevented martyrdom as well...

  2. Yes except comparing a group of people whom are celebrating the murder of over 1000 innocent people to a group of people celebrating the fact that after so many years after the fact and taking justice upon him who helped and lead many of his own people to die just to murder others is so so not correct. Muslims were celebrating an unwarranted evil attack on innocent Americans while we were celebrating the death of Bin Laden because it meant all those lives lost in 9/11 have finally gotten their justice. It was in no way evil on our behalf no different than the news celebrity the death of hitler. Now if we were celebrating all the bombings that took place when we invaded iraq then yes I could see your point in comparing us to the celebatory muslims in those photos but no we celebrated the death of one evil man that probably has killed millions of people his own not excluded while those photos of the muslims show people celebrating the horrific murder of thousands of innocent Americans. And everyone wonders why the middle east has a reputation if being cruel hearted, merciless human beings. Just look at what and how they treat their own women children and animals.

  3. It didn't post some wording. In the beginning I said we celebrated a death of a man and took upon ourselves the justice those innocent lives in 9/11 deserved and after so many years of hard work and war and our own dying to get this man and bring justice to the victims family. Then I typed no different than the Jews not news celebrating the death of Hitler.