Saturday, May 21, 2011

Book swap in Hurghada

Any avid reader will probably agree with me; we have all been there having finished a book with nothing new to pick up. Living in Hurghada this becomes a particularly difficult problem as there is such a lack in any decent bookstores or bookshops in the area.

Compounded to this problem for me is the fact that I had a number of books I had finished reading and knew I would never pick up again. In contrast to my evidently well-read books, with creased spines and dog-earred pages, these books stood as new in my collection. I hate to throw books away; something I have grown up with that my mum drilled into me from a young age. Although I may not enjoy reading them, someone else surely will enjoy them.

I found here in Hurghada a perfect alternative, and have been able to replenish my diminishing book supply. Out with the old, in with the new! Not exactly a Hurghada bookstore, but the next best thing.

Nature's Gifts, an organic food and miscellaneous store close to Sheraton Rd. has launched a "book swap." The owner of Nature's Gifts was the one who explained his idea to me, basically reiterating my own frustrations in the lack of decent bookstores around here. In fact, most residents are further agitated by the fact that stores with signs proclaiming to be "bookstores" are in fact little more than stationary stores.

The idea is simple. Have books lying around your house you know you won't read again? Want to trade that book for a new one?

Head down to Nature's Gifts. For every two books you give them, you walk out with one. I traded in 14 books the other day, and happily walked out with 5 new ones. Although their collection is as of yet small, in time that will grow as more readers throughout Hurghada learn of this nifty new book swap.

Next up on my list: The Life of Pi. I have heard fantastic things about this book, can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

Happy reading :) 

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