Monday, November 1, 2010

Your chakras and you :)

When it comes to your own personal wellbeing, there’s more to understand than simply if your body is healthy or not. Spiritual wellbeing is equally as important as your physical wellbeing; without a well-rounded overall “wellness,” you will feel run down even if your doctors tell you physically you are 100 %.

Nowadays, one of the more commonly referred to elements of spiritual wellbeing is your chakra. You’re probably asking yourself what a chakra even is. Your chakra, pronounced “chuckrah,” literally translates as “wheel” or “circle” in Sanskrit. It is a tradition that stems from Indian medicine, in which the chakras are said to be force centres, and the location through which energy flows into your body.

Each person is said to have seven major chakras. The seventh chakra, also knows as the crown, sits at the top of your head. The other six chakras are the: root, sex, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye.  These start from the base of your spine and are lined up in sequence up to your neck and head.

Experts believe that having one of your chakra’s knocked out, or out of alignment, will cause the remaining chakra’s to have to pick up the slack. One sick chakra will impact the entire flow of energy into your body, and subsequently your spiritual and mental wellbeing. To find out if your chakras are aligned correctly, you can visit an energy specialist. However, there are simple means of aligning your chakra from the comfort of your own home, and all that is required is a quiet room, and 5-10 minutes to yourself.

Sit down, and relax your mind and body. For just 5 minutes out of your hectic schedule, take the time to really just focus on your own self, and your own wellbeing. Close your eyes, and open up your third eye chakra (imagine it as located in the middle of your forehead, just above your own eyes). Feel the healing energy of the universe coming down upon you as a beam of white light. Practice slow breathing, and allow the energy to flow throughout your body, without the interruption of the world outside. Taking these few minutes a day to yourself will not only help to improve your spiritual wellbeing, they will work wonders on your stress levels too!

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