Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Suz's Tip of the Week

Here's a tip that I just recently picked up, which I have to stay astounded me.

I've always suffered from brittle nails, breaking all the time or just not being strong enough to grow substantially. I've tried many things to remedy this problem, to no avail.

This past weekend, I heard of a tip that can simply help to remedy this problem. Something that most of us will have on hand in the kitchen. Garlic.
Image from bellybytes.com
That's right, garlic. Take a clove of garlic, and chop it into small pieces. Let your fingernails sit in the garlic for a couple of minutes, a few times a week, and you'll notice dramatic increase in the strength of your nails.

You may wonder wtf Suz, I may have strong nails, but my fingers are gonna stink, but worry not, I have a remedy for that too!

Find yourself a stainless steel appliance in your kitchen, be it a knife, spoon, what have you. Rub the metal along your fingers, and you'll magically remove the garlic smell. If you're using a knife, be smart, and DO NOT use the sharp edge. Geez.

If you can't find a stainless steel appliance, just rub your fingers along the drain in your sink. Very few sinks do not use Stainless steel for the drains.

There you have it, Suz's tip to stronger, healthier nails, without the stank!

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