Sunday, June 21, 2009

My First blog! :D

My first blog ever! I've finally been inspired to finally start my own, after years of deliberations and promising i was going to do so.

Where to begin...hmmm. I'm a 25 (almost 26 ) expat living in Cairo, Egypt. I've been out here now for just over three years, and i absolutely love it. Once you have drunk from the Nile, there will always be a little bit of Egypt in your veins. Of course, should you literally drink from the Nile, i recommend seeking medical assistance, as God only knows what you've swallowed. :p Egypt provides the best blend of both worlds in my mind, a perfect combination of west and east, thrown together into one huge melting pot. Throughout my time here, i've experienced joys, sadness, wonder, worry, and above all, fascination by a culture that is so vividly different but yet close to my heart.

I hope with my blog to share my experiences living here, as well as provide my own insight into what I see going on day to day here. Working in the media gives me the added bonus of first hand access to issues related to arab-west relations, politics, religion, among others, and Insha'allah (God willing) I will be able to share my opinions on similar issues too.

So sit down, buckle up, and join me for the wild ride that Egypt has proven to be so far :)


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  2. Hip, Hip, Hooray! That's our editor -:))))

    Congratulations ya Suz on ur 1st blog .. I am sooooo happy for, and proud of, u -;)))))))))) Let it be a good start for a bright future as Writer!!!

    I agree with u that Egypt is a sort of melting pot, but I guess also that it is a country of contradictions ... isn't? Whenever you go, you will find opposite ends of the same spectra!! And sometimes u feel it lost identity!! But that's our lovely country, whose Nile u have drunk from, but in order to be in ur veins, you have got to drink from it directly, and after that u can seek medical assistance -:))))

    So suz ... wish u a ride full of success, happiness, enthusiasm, joy, etc etc – just fasten ur seat belt for that wild ride -:))))